It would be fair to say that Isabel Marant has a knack. Her brand isn’t the biggest or most powerful in the world by a long shot, but when it comes to designing clothes, shoes and accessories that capital-F Fashion People (you know – models, editors, stylists, the lot of them) want to wear in their down time, no one does it better than Marant right now. I usually don’t find myself loving her designs, personally, but I have to admit that they do look great on their target audience – the tall, lithe and carefully casual.

When the Isabel Marant Milwauke Boots graced the runway six months ago, the entirety of fashion had the same immediate response – well, there’s the new shoe. When everyone has that reaction at once, they’re not wrong.

Even though these kicks just showed up on Net-a-Porter on Wednesday, I saw more than a few people wearing them at New York Fashion Week two weeks ago. At this point, Marant’s more recognizable shoes are status symbols within fashion, particularly when they’ve just hit stores. These shoes probably won’t be a wide mainstream hit, but that’s fine – that’s not what they’re meant to be. What Marant is masterful at doing, more than anything, is making the things that fashion people buy when they want to show off to other fashion people. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1495.

  • Ursula

    I am so sick of the constant talk on TalkShoes about fashion people. Can’t you come up with something to say about the shoes themselves, instead of who is wearing them?

    • Well, we’re not just a technical design blog. A lot of people are interested in trends and what’s popular and who’s wearing what, and certainly many people are more interested in that than in what I think of the shoe personally. (And that’s particularly true with Marant – I hate her work, but so many people love it. They probably don’t want to hear me post over and over about why I hate it, and we still have to cover the shoes because there’s wide interest in them.)

      • Ursula

        Fair enough. Thanks for replying.

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