While shoe shopping with a friend this weekend (she got these, they are major), the subject of what we’re going to do now that it’s sandal season came up. Living in New York, have a couple trusty pairs of flat sandals for spring and summer is non-negotiable; it’s hot outside, you’re walking everywhere, but you need a little more coverage than your average pair of flip flops because New York City streets are inarguably disgusting.

Both my friend and I are no stranger to paying through the nose for excellent shoes, but neither of us expressed any willingness to cough up more than $250 for that kind of workhorse summer staple; there’s just not enough structure and “design” that goes into attaching a few strips of leather to a flat base, particularly when you compare it to what goes in to making the perfect platform. And then there’s the Balmain Helene Sandal, which costs $1450 for reason I cannot explain.

Balmain and stunt pricing are practically synonymous, but a stack and a half for this sandal caught even me by surprise. It’s a glorified flip flop with a couple big pieces of hardware, which means that you’re paying approximately 78% of this price tag just so that you can tell people your sandals are Balmain when they ask. That’s a lot of dollars, my friends. That’s, like, Louboutin money. Buy through Barneys for $1450.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I would spend (and already have) for a pair of flat sandals anywhere from $400.00 to $800.00….but $1450.00 ???   They are nice, but you can get some pretty great sandals under the $1000.00 mark as well….so that makes them a no.

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    This is Balmain and this is he price for wearing Balmain. I mean when Balmain made shirts for 1000$ wasn’t it a crazy price? But part of the enjoyment of wearing Balmain is showing that you can afford it, so maybe 1450 for Balmain flat sandals is not too much.


  • Maybe Stella McCartney and Balmain are smoking the same thing, what with Stella charging leather prices for PVC and Balmain charging Louboutin platform prices for a flat thong sandal.


  • cheapcapsupplier

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  • Ana

    I would beg to differ. I think that this is a ridiculous amount to pay for a sandal to say the least. Trust me, I indulge quite a lot, and sometimes too much, but I would never pay this much for a sandal. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that Balmain carries boots as well as pumps that retail for far less than this. I have no idea who would go as far as to buy these sandals. Unless, the aesthetic values really do allure you go for it! However, buying this just to say you have purchased a piece from Balmain is ridiculous. And even wearing this just to show that you are wearing Balmain is just kind of idiotic. Unlike the iconic Louboutin Red Sole, Balmain is not yet a household name, and therefore many people will fail to recognize that these shoes are in fact Balmain. 

  • 19yearslater

    I wouldn’t spend more than $100 for sandals. And they’d have to be pretty great. My most expensive pair cost $40. I really don’t understand the price of these. I don’t even like the style.

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