Let it be known: I dig a weird shoe. I prefer something sightly left-of-center, just a bit off-kilter and a little unexpected over something obviously sexy any day of the week. The reasons that people dig “obviously sexy” are clear to me, of course, but I just can’t really get on board with them for my own personal style.

Something like the Chloe Susan Studded Ankle Boots, on the other hand, are right up my alley. The look reminds me a bit of the Isabel Marant aesthetic – Parisian chic meets the American West – but I actually like this Chloe pair better than any Marant shoes I’ve ever come across. I first encountered them on Elin Kling’s blog, and she seems to be just as obsessed as I am – a worthy shoe endorsement if there ever was one.

These shoes have a very clear intended customer: fashion people. Lots of gold studs and big gilded buckles don’t make much sense on most people’s wardrobes, but if you have the right kind of skinny pants/slouchy top everyday uniform that’s so common among waifish fashion girls, then these shoes could potentially be an everyday go-to. The heel is low and thick, the overall effect is surprisingly neutral, they look lik they’d be fun to wear without being difficult. Sign me up, please. Buy through Barneys for $1295.

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    These shoes are very cool, maybe one of the coolest ones of this s/s!


  • gpc

    I actually saw these for the first time back in January at a Chloe boutique and then just recently splurged and bought them, in the black.  They are even better in person!  I wasn’t even aware of them when they were first introduced some years ago.  I don’t care either that I am 46 and will wear these whether anyone thinks they are “age-appropriate” or not.  Since my wardrobe is relatively simple – jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, blacks, whites, grays, etc…, my shoes and handbags take center stage.  I think I will definitely get a lot of use out of these boots for that reason!  They are just amazing.

  • 19yearslater

    Interesting. I definitely like the shape, but I can’t tell if the studs are in a pattern.

  • Isabelmarantchaussures

    Amazing Isabel Marant boots on http://www.isabelmarantfashion.com/

  • jenkim

    these are a copy of vintage versace

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