With perhaps the exception of the cap-toed ballerina flat, Chanel’s shoes aren’t quite as iconic and sought-after as its handbags, which is why we don’t cover the brand as extensively on TalkShoes as we do on PurseBlog. Every now and then, though, Chanel comes up with a shoe that we like to put up for discussion. In fact, the Chanel Coral Heel Sandal caught our eye so much that we decided to take a brief break from fashion show coverage to post about it.

Obviously this sandal’s heel isn’t made from actual coral, but the reference is unmistakable even if you didn’t know that the brand’s Spring 2012 collection is all about the beauty of the sea. I absolutely adore the shoe’s heel and wish that more brands would get creative when it comes to giving us the height we all crave. On the other hand, I could pass on pretty much everything about the design. The shoe’s upper is a bit boring and predictable, and it doesn’t at all do justice with the creativity going on down below. Suddenly, I remember why we don’t write about Chanel all that often. For purchase information, please inquire through your local Chanel boutique or call Chanel at (800)550-0005.

  • ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so want it…i tried on the chanel chain wedges at nm…they had my size but it was on display so it was torn up! i really want this one!!!

  • ChateauLore

    I want it! I passed last time on chanel sandals and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!

  • Fashiondoesntexist

    AMazing, shoes, love that heel so so cool!


  • aPopofPurple

    How cool is that heel?!!


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