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For me, Prada Fall 2012 is one of those collections of shoes that must be embraced not in spite of its weirdness, but because of it. For fall, Miuccia took a decidedly 60s and 70s turn, and the shoes reflect that with their flared heels, harvest-y colors and retro patterns. Things got absolutely Fluevogian at times, except that the heels were so high that some of the models struggled to walk while sinking in to the bright purple runway carpet.

Likely the most controversial segments of the line will be the shoes that look like they were dipped halfway in molten wax and left to dry, creating a hard, matte halfshell around the basic leather shoe. As always, Prada gets points for originality; I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a shoe with exactly that kind of treatment before. The look is definitely of the Fashion People Only variety, but that’s always where Miuccia has excelled anyway.

  • Lula

    Love them!

  • 19yearslater

    I’d go for actual Fluevogs over these any day, but I don’t hate the flower ones. 

  • hmm…

    they look like sex shop shoes….

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