DKNY Marcey Suede Sandals, $255 via Net-a-Porter

Today is a travel day for me, so things might be a tad quiet around here for the rest of the day and early tomorrow. I know, I know – what will you do at work for the rest of the day with the holiday work slowdown setting in and no more shoes to ogle? That’s why we wanted to make sure you had a festive – and relatively affordable – pair to enjoy for the day: The DKNY Marcey Suede Sandals.

These shoes may be red, but that doesn’t mean they’re season-specific. No, a good pair of bright, strappy sandals can be used all year round, particularly since no one seems to regard suede as a season-specific material any longer. They’ll do great in a seasonal transition – wear them over black tights for an extra pop of color while it’s cold, and when it eventually warms up, you’ll be able to show off your first pedicure of the seasons, sans hosiery. And with that, I’ll see you guys tomorrow afternoon! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $255.

  • katia

    Normally i never love dkny pumps, but these are so fab!

  • Emma

    Spell check isn’t a river in Egypt!
    On a serious note these shoes are stunning. I’m just wondering why the Donna Karan-like price tag for basically a sandal?

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