Amanda shared with our sister site,, that leopard-print bags are the must have trend in handbags right now. They are not just trending in handbags, but also shoes. And I have found the must have leopard-print shoe.

For an animal print shoe, the Prada Leopard-Printed Haircalf Sandals is everything I am looking for. Not only is the print encompassing a great color range but it also maximizes the look with added texture from the haircalf.

Prada has not been a go-to shoe designer for me, but these shoes change my mind. A brand does not need to have me on board with every design, I just need a few great designs. The more I look at shoes, the more I realize how much I love the look of a high heel. These shoes feature a 6″ heel, 2″ of that from the self-covered platform. So in these shoes I would be the height of a basketball player in the NBA, but that does not change the face that I love them. Buy via Saks for $990.

  • greenpixie

    Love them, WANT THEM! Ahhh they are gorgeous!

    • Vintre


  • Leona

    Ooooo love!! Although I saw leopard poly hair Louboutin Mater Claudes…. I prefer those. These have something slighly kitchy about them.

  • Emily

    I like the overall look of the shoes, but the haircalf is throwing something off for me.

  • karolynka

    I love Leopard printed haircalf 🙂 i saw a pair of zanotti wedges and platform loubs (with a bow! Super sweet!) @Luisa via Roma that are as amazing as this Prada’s!! I think leopard is becoming a staple in our wardrobe – i prefer it on accessories such as bags and shoes but a good dolce and gabbana corset is timeless!

  • Amber

    Super cute! I love the platform heel. Especially since I’m only 5’0 tall. I love an extra boost. Leopard print and animal prints are my fav!

  • Ashley

    These are super fun- and TALL. Bet they would make legs look miles long!

  • Sarah Hirsch

    Don’t care if it’s trendy, I still don’t like leopard print, and pretty much all animal prints.

  • Ashley

    Love the shape and cut, but the whole thing in leopard? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good leopard flat or heel, these are too much for me. Less is more!

  • Andrea

    they would make me wayyyyyy too tall

  • Nikolas

    I LOVE the platform on these and I love that they’re slingbacks as well as peep-toed but I don’t like that ankle strap too much…

  • tadpolenyc

    i’m not usually one for animal print, but i like!

  • DLB

    NICE! I’m not an animal print person either, but seriously these would be so much fun to wear with a pencil skirt for work or trousers. LOVE

  • Shereen

    Surprisingly, I love the look of these shoes. Likewise, I usually shy away from animal prints, but there’s something about these shoes that appeals to me. I LOVE the height! If you’re gonna wear a heel, make sure it’s HIGH!

  • Laureen

    Super cute, yet sexy! Love leopard.

  • erg

    I don’t like the covered platform and heel. I think that animal print should always be used in moderation.

  • Mathilda B

    Loove these leopard heels, they’re awesome!

  • Adrienne zedella

    these belong on my feet! they are TDF!

  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    I agree these are really cute!

  • mikoism

    oh em gee! i absolutely love these, they are worth salivating over. gorgeous heel that will last many seasons i’m sure!

  • Kym

    I don’t know. If you take away the platform it just an opened back mary jane. Now, I love a mary jane, but this isn’t working for me. Kinda Hollywood Blvd. And with a heel and platform like these – only professionals could look good actually walking in them! Danger! Danger!

  • Lauren

    Entirely too high of a platform, no thanks, I’ll pass.

  • daniel

    the platform is waaay too high for me .. makes it look sort of chunky in fact. and the leopard print .. it seems to be leaning on the more tacky side

  • Jane

    I like them

  • Michele

    A bit of leopard overload, eh? Too much for me, but I like the shape of the shoe.

  • jo

    these look fab! i’d buy one if i could afford it…

  • adrienne


  • adrienne

    jo – that’s hilarious! but what would you do with only one??

  • quimerula

    Edgy, but way to high for me.

  • faith24

    i am sorry i do not like them. the hairy part creeps me out. and also such bold pattern in combination with extreme platform create a “stripperish” feel, at least in my mind.

  • Katrina

    i LOVE!

  • Ashley

    I would only wear these if I wanted people to think Im a hooker…

  • Claire

    So cool! I wish I had the budget and lifestyle to support those shoes!

  • Kim

    Not so in love with the leopard print.

  • carole

    J’adore, now if only I could afford them 🙁

  • nicole

    i like them but not the print

  • ter garney

    I just can’t do animal prints in any way,shape or form.

  • Kelly

    Cute, but idk if I could pull them off

  • Michelle

    I kind of like these, surprisingly.

  • Chelsea Clark

    I like these but I don’t like the platform.

  • Jessica

    These are my ideal shoes in every way! Love the print, the height, the platform…love!

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