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Can I be blunt for a moment? I’ve been a little bored of the spring shoe collections so far. It seems as though most designers have lacked footwear inspiration for the season, so they’re mostly just piggybacking on what’s been popular for the past two season. Thankfully, though, the universe has given us Prada Spring 2012 to help us forget all the transitional trend growing pains.

Like any truly good fashion, these shoes, which were inspired by both the auto culture and feminine ideals of the 1950s, are going to be divisive. Miuccia blends them both into outrageously fun shoes with her signature quirky-feminist touch, and even though the number of people willing to wear shoes with vintage tail lights is likely low, I’m going to be so sad if they all get taken off for retail. There’s something to be said for having too much personality.

  • jennesia

    I Like no.5

  • edoardo

    I lvoe these shoes, even if sometimes are quite too strange but nice…very very Prada style! Bravo Miuccia!

  • NICA

    I don’t think I would wear them, but if a had the money I would buy them just to look at.

  • roberto

    they are so lovely; i can’t imagine anyone wearing them but they’re so interesting i could look at them for a long time

  • tricia

    they (the flames) are so jeremy scott for adidas. i really think thats where the inspiration came from.

  • ninjaninja

    Did Nike sponsor them?

  • Bebang

    So stylish! Very nice shoes esp. no. 7 and 12

  • Karen

    Miuccia is a genius.

  • Perry

    They look cheap and too costume oriented.

  • Meloo

    I would most definitely wear them-so insanely fabulous!!!

  • mutha love vintage

    so in love….. there is NO such thing as too much personality !!!!!

  • Gosh

    I love nr 18!! I truly adore them!!

  • Dgsoundings

    I could DIE for the green, pink and  black tail light slip ons with the chrome heels! 

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