Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers, $725 via Net-a-Porter

At the moment, Isabel Marant is the reigning fashion person’s fashion brand. Marant’s signature brand of Parisian off-duty-model chic keeps editors and their acolytes coming back for more, and this season, the must-have is the Isabel marant Bekket Sneaker.

I didn’t like these shoes at first because I always prefer to look to a real sneaker brand for fashionable kicks, but I must admit they’ve grown on me after seeing them grace the feet of several particularly stylish women within the industry. And if the shape looks a little bulky to you, that’s like a result of a two-inch hidden wedge. Yes. In a pair of sneakers.

We all know that my feels on sneakers with heels are, shall we say, not positive, but if you’re addicted to heels and want a casual alternative, going with a hidden wedge over an exposed one is so much classier that I can’t even full explain it. I’m assuming you already understand.

As much as I love these kicks, though, I love them in a way that makes me want to search out the perfect pair of Nike Dunks. For once, my shoe lust for a pair of $700 shoes might turn out to be legitimately affordable. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $725.

  • bisbee

    I have to say that I’d question the taste of anyone who would plunk down $700 for a pair of velcro-fastened bulky looking basketball shoes. I don’t care who’s name is on them…they look like my 3 year-old grandson’s shoes!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t like the velcro.

  • NinjaNinja

    I totally don’t get them. I saw them in real life, and I wasn’t impressed.

  • peedee

    i have 2 pairs in Black and another pair in Dark blue and white. & i LOVE them 🙂 style.

    • sara


  • mochababe73

    First of all, I don’t wear sneakers unless it rains. So, if I’m going to purchase any, they have to really catch my eye and be worth the money.
    These are just not it. Even if money were no object, I still wouldn’t plunk down a pair of bulky, velcro shoes. Like my seven year old would say-shoes with no laces are for babies!
    Or maybe I’m just bitter because my athletic legs wouldn’t look good in those.

  • Ali.G

    Who cares if there Isabel Marant. These sneakers are butt ugly. Velcro? Come on!!, and 3 straps of Velcro at that!!! Hideous.

  • Ali.G

    OMG!!! And a hidden wedge!!! NO,NO,NO. No one needs lifts in there shoe, unless there Leprechaun short.

  • nik

    I don’t like these at all. Give me Superga or Converse.

  • belleism

    so does isabel marant always bring out her sneakers? i need to get one before someone else does in my size!

  • Champagne86

    I lovee these I have a pair in grey 🙂 

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