Burberry Explorer Biker Boots, $895 via Net-a-Porter. Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots, $230 via ShopBop

The return of tough, black, flat-soled leather boots warm the cockles of my little ex-teenage-punk heart. I do not simply want a pair of these boots, I want all of the pairs. In fact, I already have one pair of great, grungy BedStu boots waiting for winter, and I’m going to be adding more pairs as soon as possible.

If you feel me on the whole tough-girl-boots thing, then I’ve got a Look for Less for you – the Burberry Explorer Biker Boots and the Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots, both of which will add a note of grunge to your casual fall wardrobe. And I mean “grunge” in a good way.

In the spirit of fairness, I will admit that I bought the Jeffrey Campbell boots through ShopBop about six months ago and returned them. They are one of the only things I’ve ever regretted returning, and I really should get off my lazy butt and reorder them before it’s too late. I keep putting it off because it’s not cold yet, but by the time it gets cold, they’ll probably be gone and I’ll be a very sad ladyblogger. I’ve looked everywhere, and I don’t think I’m going to find something I like as much as these boots for less money.

If “less money” isn’t really your main concern, then these Burberry boots are a great option. They’re like a flat play on the brown leather high-heeled booties that everyone swooned over (with good reason) last season, and I love when a good design is repurposed in a more functional, wearable way. Plus, zoom in on that leather. It looks scrumptious.

Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots, $230 via ShopBop

Burberry Explorer Biker Boots, $895 via Net-a-Porter

  • pixiestash

    If you like these, you should check out the Frye Jenna Chain Short boots.

    I have the tall version of the Jenna boots and they are well made, comfortable, and perfectly walk the line between chic and bada$$. At $298 they are just a bit more than the Jeffrey Campbells, but less than half the price of the Burberrys.

    • Amanda Mull

      I’m going to go visit the new Frye store in Soho as soon as I get a chance. I really had my heart set on a pair of Frye Veronicas last winter, but I just couldn’t find a pair that was comfortable in the foot. I bought and took home three different sizes, no dice. I have very high arches and slightly wide feet, so finding a boot that doesn’t press on the top of my foot too much can be a bit of a challenge. These Jeffrey Campbells didn’t, I still don’t know why I returned them.

  • Susan

    Look at Fiorentini & Baker – the #7040 in black. Just bought those at Barney’s. Can’t wait to wear them!

    • Amanda Mull

      I’ve been meaning to try on a pair of their boots, thanks for the reminder! Maybe I’ll undertake a mission to Barney’s at the end of the week.

  • Hilary

    I am obsessed with the Rag & Bone Moto II. I can’t think about ANYTHING else.

    It started with those Jeffrey Campbells – but the Shopbop reviews made me turn toward the R&Bs and when I tried them, it as TRUE love….

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