Charlotte Olympia Bananas Is My Business Fruit Pumps, $1696 via Luisa Via Roma

We thought a fun shoe would be a good way to close out the week, and as far as luxury footwear goes, you don’t really get much more fun than the Charlotte Olympia Bananas Is My Business Fruit Pumps. Would you wear these shoes, and if so, to where? Let us know in the comments and have a great weekend!

  • mochababe73

    the Copacabana with Barry Manilow.
    They’re fun, and I would wear them with a pretty, yellow sundress.

  • bisbee

    I think they would be much prettier without the platform and with a nicer heel…maybe with a little shape to it, instead of a heel that looks like a 2 x 4 that’s been stained brown…

    • Sandy

      no way….I refuse to wear fruit.

  • 19yearslater

    a summer picnic, paired with a full-skirted sundress. I think they’d be really cute for such occasions.

  • Atty2de

    Whoever wears these should be arrested and then given her CARMEN MIRANDA warnings: You have the right to wear fruit on your head but not your feet.

  • nappy

    …on a brazilian town with Chiquita Banana ruffles and red lipstick!

  • Windy

    With Denim Shorts and a tank top! Pig Tails are optional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shueaddict

    to dinner with my girlfriends … paired with a simple white dress.

  • Karen

    the asylum.

  • Kate

    to a fiesta!!!

  • mimi

    To a weekend farmers market trip


    REDICULOUS… and the price is pretty outragouse.. But if you want something to really get looked at and laughed at it works..

  • Model_Ingenuity

    To a Halloween Party!

  • roberto

    I would wear the Charlotte Olympia Fruit Pumps to a meeting whit Carmen Miranda and Anna Dello Russo and yes i know this is too late but i couldn’t ressist

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