It’s that time of week again, ladies and gents. Please turn your attention to the Prada Elastic Stripe Wedges, featured above, and play along with us as we Fill in the Blank once again. Let us know your thoughts, whether they’re positive, negative or somewhere in the mushy middle, in the comments. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can buy these shoes through Neiman Marcus for $695.

  • lulugurl2006

    rainbow bright on crack… :

  • Sandy

    Some of the Prada offerings for Spring/Summer are terrific…the mary janes. The oxfords and this pair….not flattering on anybody.

  • Wyatt

    funky and fun!

  • ShoeAddict

    Bold and very spring like. Perfect for spiking up a little black dress.

  • Rebecca

    Lol, I like the Rainbow Brite comment!

    They are just too busy for me!

  • Nasha Sofea

    It’ looks funky & trendy…Gorgeous!

  • SpecialK

    The Spice Girls would have LOVED these.

    • Sonjana

      ZOMG Totally thought the same thing!!! *virtual high five* 😉 LOL

  • Nat

    Color pop!! Cute!

  • rosa

    fantastic! they must be so light and easy to walk in!

  • Lianne

    Just the thing for a teenaged hooker!

  • Turbo_the_Cat

    Terribly tacky. I’m sorry, but those shoes look like they were bought at some teenage store at the mall for $10.

  • ethylove


  • Perry P

    Did you mean Candies instead of Prada?

  • nappy

    it’s kitschy and campy and fun!

  • bisbee

    I think they are terrible – especially for that price! Honestly…I think these were made for editorial purposes only…

  • ashley

    it`s very crazy and definitely out there, but i still can see people rocking it.

  • lindsbens

    at least they’re not boring haha

    • Olivier

      AMAZING! I love the entire SS11 Prada collection!

  • Kim


  • mochababe73

    Cute. I would wear them with a slightly lower heel. They would be cute with the right outfit.

  • funbags

    These are the first pair of heels that I’ve ever cn that looks comfortable to run in. These shoes are ugly to me but on the right chick w/ the cute fit I c a promising outcome.

  • Style Scientist


    I love them! <3

  • 19yearslater

    kind of awesome. I know, I know, they’re tacky. I can’t help it.


    i wont say ugly just not my style…

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