If you had asked me to name the two most important trends of 2011 without any shoes or accessories sitting in front of me my answer would have been instantaneous and easy – brights and python, of course! It looks as though someone in the YSL accessories department is exactly on my wavelength, because the Yves saint Laurent Python Tribute Sandals hit both of those trends simultaneously.

I don’t love that I’m writing about another pair of Tributes from Yves Saint Laurent instead of something completely new and exciting, but this is the best version of the shoe that I’ve seen in a while. I’m not convinced that they’re all that relevant in 2011, but the design still appeals to me on a certain level, particularly in a bright exotic.

One thing I’ve liked about recent Tributes is YSL’s penchant to give the shoe a contrasting border that accents its curvy lines, and the orange outlining the python on this shoe is a perfect example of that. It helps to shore up the python’s busy pattern and give the shoe some definition, which shows good design sense and attention to detail. If you’re still digging the Tributes in general, I can’t imagine any reason why you wouldn’t lust after this pair in particular. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1495.

  • Teah CraveBuyLove

    I so CRAVE these! They would be so hot paired with cropped olove-drab cargo pants and a silk one shoulder tank….oh, I just LOVE them!

  • lula

    These actually look a little busy to me. I would prefer the python sandals from their runway collection, those with a giant split wedge and ultra-thin straps on top.

  • MyModesty

    I am desperately waiting for the day when females finally realise that men don’t like those disgusting-mammoth-thick platforms !!!
    Without that, this shoe would be perfect…

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