Can you hear that sound? It’s my American Express, preemptively begging for mercy from deep inside my wallet at the sight of Charlotte Olympia Fall 2011. My credit card knows my taste, after all, and this set of spunky, modern, sexy shoes fits it perfectly. I may leave some of the collection’s more irreverent pieces (the piano pump and the whole slew of Marc by Marc Jacobs-reminiscent cat shoes) to other ladies, but all of the multicolored, textured platforms? The ladylike mid-heeled pumps? The cute flats? Sign me up.

Charlotte Dellal took several risks with her designs for fall, but most of them work out in the end because she knows her customers: They (we?) are not only confident style risk-takers with a sense of humor about both themselves and their accessories, but they’re also the type of women who value a bit of youthful sexuality in their footwear. I suspect that Dellal is one of these women herself, which makes her shoes all the more covetable.

Photos via Charlotte Olympia.

  • shueaddict

    oh oh … I smell trouble … double … if you count the lucite clutch too … my VISA just took a large gulp !!!

  • Merve

    no my visa just breathed a sigh of relief

  • nappy

    OMFG! i love them!!!! especially the gold and black wedges, the ostrich (or textured leather) platforms and pumps such a gorgeous teal color!, the yellow snake maryjane platform (the blush too, but i prefer a bold yellow) , the red cat wedges, the leopard stiletto with red heels are to die for!!! the red and pink striped pump will make me the uber sexy candy striper.. my boyfriend will absolutely go nuts if i wear it (and maybe, if i’ll be a very, very good girl, he’ll buy me more CO shoes! hahaha)!!

    but i don’t like the PVC boots though.. i think after a few hours of use in a hot day, sweaty cloudy PVC ain’t so sexy.. hahaha..

    the cat pumps are very Marc Jacobs reminiscent, great observation, Amanda

    and i dont like mid-heel pumps (but the curvy, Christina Hendricks-esque Mad Men beauties can totally work them!).. as i always say, go big or go home! so in shoe talk, the higher the better baby! (my CL lady peep spiked pumps kill me but, the whole admiration and envy i get from men and women are truly worth it!) so Charlotte Olympia, Bravo! You bacame next to my list after Monsieur Louboutin! ^.___.^

  • ninjaninja

    Those wedges are spectacular!

  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    omg so many gorgeous shoes!

  • annabelle

    gorgeous <3

  • Seejay


  • 19yearslater

    Love the flats with ankle straps and striped heels. I wouldn’t wear most of those heel shapes, though they’re lovely to look at.

  • Laureen

    Loooove these!

  • belle

    These shoes look like so much fun to wear (which makes them my kind of shoes). I think one or two pairs might find a home in my closet.

  • Cute Beltz

    Works of art!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • mochababe73

    I will take one of each of the first four shoes.
    I’ll take some animal print flats.
    I don’t like oxfords, but I’ll wear her blue and green pair.
    And, by the way, I hate this site.
    It’s turning me into a shoe lover.
    Shhhhh! I’m already addicted to handbags and sunglasses. My husband probably can’t afford for me to have another addiction.

    • Mehmet

      north March 12, 2011 Ick!I’d have whsaed out all the bedding if some idiot lolled about naked on my bed.I’m surprised any man would attempt that, it’s sickness.Deep deep sickness.

  • Kat

    # 2 and # 39 are my favorites!

    While a lot of the shoes are a little to kooky for my taste, I love that shoes like these are made. They are so much fun to look at and wear (as far as I could tell), and I admire women who have the guts to wear things like these. I sure don’t.

    • Joe

      I really hate to admit this, but I would have a hard time buying any of these. Maybe 31, 32, 46, and 47. The wedges scare me; I love the height, but there doesn’t seem to be enough surface area touching the ground to keep them stable.

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