One thing you probably wouldn’t know from looking at the DSquared shoes that make the most waves in the fashion world is that the brand’s footwear isn’t all made for a crazy person. In fact, most of it is quite sane, and the brand even make a lot of flats and sneakers. The twin brothers that design the label have seen so much editorial success from shoes that push design boundaries, though, that it doesn’t surprise me that they’ve followed up the DSquared Spin Heel Platforms with the DSquared Ice Skate Booties.

Admittedly, it had never occurred to me that anyone would look at an ice skate and say to themselves, “Self, someone will want to walk around all day in this,” but I suppose that’s why I’m writing instead of designing. And although the heel of the shoe does seem to be somewhat narrow like a hockey skate, the platforms sides appear to jut out in order to provide a bit more stability. But still, the question remains – which crazy fashion person will be the first to wear these to the Spring 2012 shows?

The prospect of walking in these shoes is too ankle-achingly awful to consider, so instead, let’s try and answer the previously posed question. Anna Dello Russo is always reliable for an insane and brilliant outfit, but there must be some better guesses to be head. Let us know in the comments.

Photos via Women’s Wear Daily. Price currently unavailable.

  • belle

    These shoes are too crazy wonderful to be real. When you guys find a pic of someone wearing them, would you post it here so we can see the woman brave enough to wear them?

  • shueaddict

    ha !!! yesterday I went to cheer for Ireland in the women’s ice hockey final (division V, mind you). I’m sure they’d get a kick out of these !!! Especially Orla, who plays for the Belfast Ice Vixens !!!!

  • nappy

    my choices are:

    Lady Gaga would look good in that
    Daphne Guiness can rock that
    Anna Wintour can rock that with giant shades
    Jessica Stam would rock that!

    so hot!

  • mochababe73

    I agree. This is a shoe only Lady GaGa could rock. That’s all. No one else.
    Believe it or not, I also think Julianne Moore. I have seen her wear some truly heinous yet fashion forward footwear.

  • SIKI

    we are like this shoessss

  • kim

    Here you go… June Ambrose Rockin’ them to death LOVE IT!

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