It’s difficult to judge any Christian Louboutin collection off of just the first handful of preview photos; Louboutin releases one of the largest and most extensive lines in the footwear industry, spanning the design continuum from smart patent oxfords to towering crystal-encrusted stilettos, and he does so without seeming to break a sweat. So even if you don’t like the sprightly, whimsical shoes that have emerged from Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 so far, don’t worry. Something for you is surely on the way.

But honestly, what’s not to like? Louboutin does irreverence better than almost anyone in the business, and these shoes are playful, sexy and quintessentially Christian Louboutin. They won’t do everyday office duty, but if you’re looking to make a statement and want everyone you encounter to stare at your shoes (some in lust, some in confusion – is that really a lion paw with sparkly claws on that pump?), I can’t think of a better place to start shopping.

Photos courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

  • mochababe73

    First of all, is #7 made of Spring Bok fur? They looks just like some Spring Bok handbags that I saw a couple of months ago.
    I think that there’s someting for everyone. Even though I can’t wear shoe #6, I really like them. But, #4 and #1 are my favorites.
    That paw shoe is just creepy.

  • Phyllis Swan

    a couple of new shilloutes….destined to sale…

  • matthew librando

    stunning bunch of shoes. i just hate the fur boots. they remind me of d video i saw on youtube regarding d defenseless little animals skinned alive in fur farms in china

    • Monica

      I hate fur on shoes too, there is no need for it!

  • Monica

    That being said, the last image of the multi-color platform pumps, and the leopard stilettos, made my heart skip a beat! I must do a feature on them here!

  • Amy

    #3 has me thinking of some Prada Fall 2010’s I drooled over…

  • MsLabelsofLust

    #1 and 6 TDF…But the others not so much especially #5 and 7..I mean really Mr.CL? Were you inspired by Lion King for those..sigh* and I’m sure the price of 5 and 7 are more than 1 and 6 combined so much so its a mortgage..sigh*

  • Merve

    ooo my bank account is sighing with relief

    • shueaddict

      yep … big relief … now I can get back to work in peace

      • shueaddict

        and keep agonizing over CL’s Miss Rope Capra bag

  • Joey

    What the hell is up with this collection? The only aspect I like is the front detail on the first leopard shoe. Almost everything else is just a mess.

  • ninjaninja

    #5 must be a joke.

    • mimi

      agree lolssssss

  • noway

    i HATE the fur boots and fur on N 2… the rest hmmm simply ugly…

  • NikolineK


  • ghaffie

    nice!!! but the such high heels, i dare not wear them at all.

  • Judy

    I love the first leopard one,and would like to have 1 pair asap,I just found it at luxizone online store,but it looks a little bit difference,which one is more beautiful?°Prive-120mm-No.-3100260BW6P_346901_13650.html

  • RedVelvetLoubie

    Not a fan of leopard design, but I must say, I need to have this stunning leopard pump! The gold and chain details toned it down…love, love, love!

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