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Charlotte Dellal may have looked into her Magic 8 ball when she debuted her now-famous Charlotte Olympia Kitty loafer seasons ago, because within the last few months, the cat craze has reached an all-time high. (Just think for a second how many times you’ve seen the Grumpy Cat in the past year; that cat has probably traveled to more places than either of us). Dellal isn’t done yet – she has more kitties on the way.

The Charlotte Olympia brand knew when to capitalize on the Kitty loafer, and this collection now features personified cats, like a very studious Clever Kitty or the bohemian Hippy Kitty. The Kitty loafer, in its all-velvet form, is very polished in appearance while still evoking the brand’s signature playfulness. The designs of Charlotte Dellal may leave me baffled at times, but I will admit, I’ve always been a fan of these loafers.

Check out the full collection in the gallery below and tell us which Kitty flat fits with your personality!

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  • Superstar Velvet Kitty, obviously xD

  • SPA

    Hi, are the kitty shoes suitable for someone a bit older as in her 40s? I like them but am daunted that they may be too young for me!

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