Tom Ford Python Lock High Heel Pointed Toe Pump

Tom Ford is a regular household name in fashion (and in popular culture thanks to Jay-Z). When I talk about my line of work with friends who aren’t in the fashion industry, the issue of prices often comes up, and the raised eyebrows come right along with it. While I may be somewhat immune to the rising prices in footwear, but Tom Ford’s prices consistently blow my mind.

The brand identity of Tom Ford is very specific, and not just aesthetically. Ford, more than most, is known for his extravagant prices. Dangling astronomical (even by fashion standards) price tags off all Tom Ford products, is one way the brand distinguishes itself from other fashion brands in the market. Everything from a $50 lipstick, to a $25,000 handbag, to a pair of $1,800 pair of pumps – the brand knows it they can slap these kind of prices on their product and have confidence that they will sell, or even sell out, simply because the Tom Ford name is associated with the product.

I can’t deny my love for Tom Ford shoes; the man knows the way to a shoe-lover’s heart. However, can I see myself spending money on Tom Ford shoes? I’m sad to say that I can’t, at least not at these prices. What are your thoughts on the Tom Ford price tag?

Buy your Tom Ford pumps $1,800 via Neiman Marcus.

  • LOLA

    I love TOM FORD but i have to say it is sometimes a bit too expensive but thank god they are doing sales. Ok the basic stuff is still expensive but it is well made and yet comfortable.
    It is funny but i am not a Louboutin customer anymore. I am buying Tom Ford clothes and shoes (i have TF bags but i am not a bag girl).
    I was talking to a woman the other day and i said that Tom Ford is my Hermes. It is expensive, exclusive but it is fun at the same time. I am just obsessed by the blue crocodile cow-boy boots from the fall 2014 collection.

    PS: I am living in europe so i have another perception on prices. All those luxury brands are expensive anyway. Even middle range prices brands are selling shoes at Manolo or Prada prices so…

  • Sandy

    I have promised myself that I will plan and think before I purchase high price items….the item needs to make my heart flutter, they need to be useful to my lifestyle, and they need to be items with longevity. If something Tom Ford fit into the categories mentioned I would probably make the purchase…but as of now I have not one Tom Ford item in my closet and nothing on my wish list for fall.

  • nappy

    I think Tom Ford wants exclusivity.. and the more it is exclusive, people will line up to get it. I mean with the lipsticks, i collect them coz the formula is just so deliciously creamy that it totally makes up for the price. And as with other mercja dise, i guess its a sales tactic. Just like mary kate and ashley for The Row. I mean seriously, those prices! I would choose Tom Ford over The Row anytime! Hahaha

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