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We all love all kinds of footwear, and while stilettos are some of the sexiest shoes to look at, they don’t always make for the best walking experiences. Behind every shoe, there’s a story to tell, and today we want to know: what was your worst shoe experience?

For me, my worst experience came from wearing a pair of sky-high black pumps back in college. While living in Staten Island, I traveled with my friends to NYC for dinner and drinks. Even though the dinner portion of the evening was fine, add a night of dancing, cocktails and needle-thin heels, and let’s just say I have never been so happy to see a yellow cab.

Otherwise, I would have thrown my shoes away and walked barefoot (and if you live or have been to NYC, you know how desperate I must have been). That night was just one of those crazy nights I’ll always remember, and even though my shoes were mostly to blame, I look at it this way: my experience made for a story to tell, so the experience was worth it (even if it is a few years later).

What was your worst shoe experience?

  • Courtney McAlexander

    I had some d’orsay peep toe nude Louboutins (I’m not familiar with the names, but they were patent with a boxy, structured bow accent on the toe). The heel wasn’t unreasonable, so I wore them to work one day several years ago, while I was clerking during law school. The law firm I worked for was downtown in a historic area so the office was a re-purposed historic home, which included a carpeted staircase. Weeeeelll, I was walking down them one day and my heel caught on some of the carpet and the shoe almost completely broke in half!! I caught myself without falling too badly, but I wanted to cry for 2 reasons: 1) my own embarrassment, and 2) for my poor shoes!! Saks helped me repair them, but they never felt completely right again so they’ve been in a box for years. Definetely my worst experience.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      Oh my goodness, that’s terrible! Hopefully in time you will be able to wear your Louboutins again!

  • Karen

    By far my worst experience was when after getting caught in the rain at a wedding, the Swarovski crystals started to fall off my Christian Louboutin Daffodile Strass pumps! I took them back to the boutique where I bought them, but they wouldn’t do anything! I haven’t worn them since.

  • missarewa

    spending my money on christian louboutins are my worst shoe experience. i promptly sold them for almost nothing and bought sexy shoes that were made for walking – valentinos

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