Instagram Celebrity MutiaWhitchurch

With the amount of Hermès bags and Louboutin shoes I spot on Instagram, the uninitiated would think they cost a mere $20 – everyone seems to have them. Our Instagram celebrity if the week is no exception: meet @mutiawhitchurch. There’s very little information on Mutia, aside from the fact that she lives in Indonesia with her husband of one year, Keith Whitchurch. (By the way, their wedding looked like quite the elaborate fete.)

In addition to a lavish wedding, Mutia also happens to have a knack for designer accessories. She’s got plenty of Hermès to go around and a ton of designer shoes, not to mention her friends and husband all seem to be pretty luxury-obsessed as well. (You know what they say: birds a feather flock together.)

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite shots from her Instagram, or take a look at Mutia’s Instagram page, which contains nearly 200 pictures and almost 6,000 followers.

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