Pedicure of the Week Julep Pile Wand

While I look forward to my weekly pedicures at the salon, sometimes time just isn’t by my side and I need a quick DIY pedicures. I’ve mastered doing my own manicures, but pedicures are tricky. First, you need to find a comfortable position where you can reach your toes, and you also need to be careful that the hand you are using to polish your toes doesn’t smudge the nail you just polished. When I do my own pedicures, I usually get more nail polish on the back of my hand than on my toes, so for this week’s Pedicure of the Week, I’m willing to try thw Julep Plié Wand.

This wand works with all Julep nail polishes and is meant to extend the traditional short-and-stubby nail brush, making it long and slender. This design offers more control of your brush, and when you are holding this wand, it rests naturally as if you are holding a pen. This wand also bends from side to side, allowing you to figure out which way feels most comfortable.

Also, you never have to shy away from your inner artist, because this wand connects to both a striping brush and a dotting tool. I never thought I would say this, but I’m actually looking forward to painting my own nails this week!

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Buy your own Julep Plié Wand through Sephora for $35.

  • EvaBBlogt

    I see the potential… I could use this 🙂

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