Trend Report Trousers and Sandals

This summer, I have a vacation planned for at the end of August in Las Vegas, and yesterday I started to plan a cruise in July. Normally I never go on two vacations, but once you get that vacation bug, there’s no cure for it except to keep planning last-minute getaways. As I start to think about packing and planning my summer trips, one of the first things I think about is what I want to wear, and then what I need to buy to achieve my look. On my list of things to wear both poolside and at the Vegas casinos is wide-leg trousers and flat sandals.

Wide-leg trousers and flat sandals have been popping up everywhere from the busy streets of NYC to the serene sandy beaches this summer. Right now, it’s one of my favorite trends because it gives off an effortless look, while still coming across very polished. Wear this combo poolside or out and about on a gorgeous summer day to achieve the ultimate chic factor!

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