Charlotte Olympia Natalie PVC Trimmed Suede Pumps black

It can be a challenge to find work-appropriate shoes to wear in the summer, and while we offered our expertise in this department not long ago, we now have one more designer to add to the list of those that cater to such practical needs: Charlotte Olympia. You’re probably wondering when would Olympia’s quirky and whimsical shoes ever be accepted at the office, and designer Charlotte Dellal was probably thinking the same thing. Now, the Charlotte Olympia brand has debuted its newest line, the ‘9 till 5’ collection, which is available exclusively at Net-a-Porter!

The conservative pumps from Charlotte Olympia’s ‘9 till 5’ collection were designed with the working woman in mind. The heel height is moderate, and all of the options are covered in luscious suede. Dellal chose to spice things up just a pinch by adding minor flourishes like PVC inserts, tassels, and a buckle at the vamp. As for the price, the shoes from this collection are not as expensive as even the most basic pair of Olympia’s wilder offerings, which start at $695; shoes from the ‘9 till 5’ collection range from $645 to $665.

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