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This week on Instagram, I stumbled upon one the most elaborate shoe collections I’ve ever seen. Meet Egreis Gjergjani, an LA-based blogger who runs a site called stilettomeup, a mother of one, and a self-proclaimed Shoe Queen. With approximately 240,000 Instagram followers and over 11,000 on Twitter, it goes without saying Egreis has quite a fanbase (or many stiletts, as she calls them).

However, unlike many of the other Instagram “celebrities,” Egreis has absolutely no problem revealing her identity, and, as a matter of fact, has posted more pictures of her adorable new son Gio than she has of her shoes recently. While shoes have and always will be love of Egreis’, she explains she no longer posts as many fashion pictures as she once did because she’s taking the time to really focus on her new family. You can read more on her personal life via her blog’s bio.

While scrolling through the 1,000-plus photos she has on her Instagram account, you’ll see endless Louboutins, hard-to-find Giuseppe Zanottis, plenty of Valentino Rockstuds, McQueen heels she’s never even worn and a shoe closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous. Aside from her amazing collection on Instagram, Egreis is extremely helplful when it comes to identifying certain shoe styles, offering tips on the shoes themselves, and even gives advice on taking care of your shoes at her blog.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that once, one of her friends came over and fell in love with her pair of her Louboutins, so Egreis just gave them to her? Do you think she’d let me have a pair too?

According to Egreis’ bio, she says, “I’m not perfect, but my shoes are,” and I certainly can’t argue with that one. Take a look at some of the best pictures from her amazing collection below and get ready to swoon.

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  • Khaya

    OMG…you featured this trollop?!?! Smh…I mean yea her shoe collection is admirable but…if I laid on my back with other women’s husbands for a living, I’m sure they’d be buying me whatever I wanted too. Do your research on who you’re featuring lol

    • Bee

      Who are you to judge…..

      • Khaya

        Knew that was coming…lol, not a trollop. But like I said, her shoes ARE fab, I can agree to that sentiment, but she’s def no role model of mine

        • Mya Wilkes

          You must be on the wrong website. Aint nobody looking for a “role model” here, we’re looking to swoon and drool at SHOES after all its TALKSHOES isn’t it? And if my eyes serve me well, this collection is drool worth. Now run along judgmental Judy!

          • Khaya

            I said TWICE that her shoes are fab! Lol, I feel what youre saying though, thanks for the insight! And my name aint Judy! Lmaoooo

          • Mya Wilkes

            Lol! Ofcourse your name isn’t Judy, it’s Khaya. “Judgmental Judy” is an expression.

  • Corinne

    A quick Google search of this “woman” yielded some less than flattering results…you might want to do a bit more research on your subjects before you decide to feature them as this woman seems nothing more than an adulterer and a con-artist.

  • Zezza

    Awesome …. Her shoe room is to die for …. and at the end of the day she is wearing the shoes everyone not you so don’t be so unkind peoples ….

  • that’s the phantom, not the trapeze <3 !

  • Egreis Gjergjani

    Thank you so much for the feature!! Truly appreciate it! – egreis gjergjani (

    • Koko

      how are you not ashamed of yourself? and can proudly blog about your life openly after what you did? you are unbelievable.

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