Giuseppe Zanotti Fur Trim Wedge Zip Sneaker

Fur on shoes is nothing new; Celine was one of the first brands to put all-fur shoes on our radars several seasons ago. The brand’s all-fur shoes from Celine Spring 2013 weren’t particularly well-received by anyone but crazy fashion people; I wasn’t a fan then, and now, I’m not a fan of the Giuseppe Zanotti Fur-Trim Wedge Zip Sneaker.

The amount of fur that consumes the front of this shoe is hard to get past, and with the added gold hardware across the center (and if you look close there’s also gold hardware going across the vamp), it makes this sneaker look gaudy. If the fur was kept to just trim at the top of this high top, as opposed to a ball of fur that we’ve got going on, I think it would be a more practical sneaker in terms of styling. Aesthetically speaking, this fur frontal is not pleasing. Although, I think if anyone will be seen wearing these sneaker and could possibly make me eat my words for disliking these shoes, it would probably be Rihanna.

Is anyone else sick of designers trying to make fur shoes happen?

Buy your Giuseppe Zanotti Fur-Trim Wedge Zip Sneaker through Barneys for $1,395.

  • Sandy

    Can someone just make this whole wedge sneaker thing stop already…and the fur is just making it worse.

    • Katherine Callaghan


  • I’m hoping that all this craze for designer sneaker is over, it’s the only thing I’ve never accepted. And Uggs.

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