Jessie James Decker Saint Laurent Janis Pumps

Here’s Jessie James Decker, country music singer and star of the E! reality series Eric and Jessie, out on the town in NYC in a pair of Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. (If you’ve never heard of her or her show before today, you’re not alone!) Jessie is also carrying an Alexander Wang Rocco Bag. You can find Jessie’s pumps in patent leather for $795 at Nordstrom. Her Rocco can currently be found at Shopbop for $995.

Jessie is apparently a country pop star with several bonafide hit singles under her belt who has been around since 2009, and the “Eric” in question is her husband, NFL player Eric Decker, who is currently a starting wide receiver for the New York Jets. We all know how networks like E! and Bravo like to dazzle us with the scintillating private-but-filmed-for-TV lives of the rich and somewhat famous. If you’ve watched this show, I’d love to hear your reviews.

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  • Shamari Hamlet

    Her TV show is one of my guilty pleasures! No drama and they’re super in love with each other.

  • Sam

    Her boobs are unreal! :O pregnancy does that to you?!

  • Hierophilic

    I can’t get behind the shoes, there’s just something… clunky and unappealing about them, but her dress is really gorgeous. Also, her figure is insane! Work!

  • Blonde_Closet

    Very, ummm, country. Do these people not use stylists once they get their own TV shows? Money can buy Saint Laurent but it can’t buy you style .

  • guestaroonie

    Her show is great, her and Eric are adorable

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