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One thing’s for sure: when you click through this edition of The Many Shoes, you’ll see that actress Reese Witherspoon has a love for simple sandals, sneakers and ankle booties. The Legally Blonde star channels some of her inner Elle Woods glam while also keeping things modest with flat sandals, T-shirts, a floppy hat and sunglass (also known as the Reese staple – you’ll see what I mean in the gallery).

Never afraid to regularly re-wear her shoes, something very rare in Hollywood, you’ll find some great sandals styled in different ways in our collection, and somehow her outfits just get better and better. Reese’s style is, above all, accessible, even if the specific things she chooses will set you back a pretty penny.

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  • shueaddict

    Yey, thank you !!! And there are enough pics left for part deux as all.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      Welcome! She has such a great shoe collection I’ll definitely be doing a part two in the future!

  • Nappy

    Yay! Totally called it! Hopefully you feature rihanna next.., she has a lot of “interesting” shoe choices

    • Katherine Callaghan

      She is on my list of celebrities I want to cover so definitely stay tuned! 🙂

  • You should’ve included more evening heels in this post (i know she has a lot of them, especially those black Louboutin sandals she’s been sporting recently). Either way, I love her taste in sandals, especially the Joie and Chloe ones.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future when I do a part two of Reese’s fabulous collection!

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