How can you look at these boots and now want Fall to arrive? I want to put on these boots and run through the woods stomping through piles of autumn leaves. I’m not kidding. I just got an excited feeling for fall to arrive, especially since this fall we will be back up north.

These boots are all kinds of amazing. I am more of a black leather girl, but when it comes to fall, I crave deep dark brown hues. The Chloe Wool Lined Leather Boots are pretty much the most fashionable and functional pair of knee-high boots I have seen in a long time.

Typically I would totally turn my head from purchasing a pair of $1,100 boots. Not today. I keep feeling my fingers trying to click through to buy these boots. Are these not stunning? I want to keep typing words like beautiful, must-have, gorgeous, wearable, I NEED THESE.

Not only are they easy to look at, but these Chloe shoes just need to be pulled on. This is a majorly plus. I have owned boots that are quite hard to put on, liking putting on a pair of super skinny jeans, where you need to wiggle and squirm while jumping and doing a backward split. Having the ability to just pull on boots is a major plus.

The outward design is very alluring. The dark brown leather is accented with criss-cross leather straps and gold-tone buckle detailing. The additional touch that stands out and ensures your feet will be warm is the wool fold-over panel at the top. I never put much aside for shoes, but it looks like I will need to figure these shoes into my fall accessory budget. Buy via Net A Porter for $1,195.

  • madamelizaking

    I just picture myself scratching my legs :/

  • Laureen

    I’m not sure how I feel about these. I like the criss-cross detail, but I always prefer a more feminine shape.

  • maria

    love these

  • Michelle

    I really like these, but I’d love to see the shaft in a shorter size!

  • 19yearslater

    These boots are the epitome of Autumn. I’ve been longing for fall since the temperature hit eighty degrees. Fall is my favorite season and these boots represent it really well.

  • LuluMakeup25

    These sure look like the perfect Fall boots!

  • susan

    I love boots with wrap around straps. I like them flat and these are perfect.

  • indi3r4

    i need this for fall!

  • Jane

    Yup I need them for Fall.

  • Hannah R.

    soooo cute! even though summer has just come these make me in the mood to get bundled up in a cozy sweater wearing these boots, lol

  • Mama Laura

    These are a bit masculine looking for my taste.

  • Kym

    meh. like a cross between the super icky ugg and frye boots. Too much going on here.

  • Emily

    I really like these. The brown leather is gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    I adore boots, and these are one of the most gorgeous pair Ive seen! If only I could afford them…

  • Haylee

    Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t like boots. I swear, everyone LOVES them except me. Which is unfortunate since I live in winter wonderland Utah

  • Claire

    I’m still glad it’s spring, but those are nice boots!

  • Michele

    Leave it to Chloe for making the best boots. Seriously, I haven’t seen a total FAIL boot by Chloe in awhile. Perfection.

  • Treselle

    Chloe boots are really really cute!

  • faith24

    another kind of shoe that leaves me indifferent due to lack of a heel

  • Caitlin

    these remind me of the chloe boots that were in devil wears prada in the beginning! i want i want i wantt

  • mochababe73

    I love the boots, but I can’t imagine wearing a wool lined shoe. I have a wool pea coat, and there is no way that I could wear it inside out.

  • mikoism

    hmmmm, the boot shaft is a bit high. for what they are, i think they should be a shorter boot. they sure do look warm though.

  • fsc

    these have kind of a russian feel to me. theyd be cute if matched with the right outfit though

  • Lauren

    I want I want I want.

  • erg

    I love these, but I agree with others that they would be better if they were shorter.

  • pita

    I wish they had shearling lining. That would be terrific.

  • Katrina

    love the shoes! i personally think that the length is just fine…

  • Sarah Hirsch

    Nice, they make me think I would need to take up horseback riding.

  • Adrienne zedella


  • jo

    there’s something about these shoes that make it seem unflattering….

  • quimerula

    They wouldn’t look nice on my legs, I need heels on my boots.

  • Dezynrbaglaydee

    look cute, but itchy

  • Kelly

    Omg, I really love these! Now I can’t wait for fall either!

  • Chelsea Clark

    Yes, these are fantastic for the fall, I would wear these every day!

  • ter garney

    I want…I want…I want!

  • Jacq

    I cant wait for Fall! Love these!

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