Leighton Denny Iridescent Nail Polish

We spent quite a bit of time talking about pastel nail polish at PurseBlog yesterday, but if that’s just not your type of thing, we understand. (We think you should give it a shot, at least, but we get it.) On the other, slightly witchier side of the spring-appropriate color spectrum are polishes like these, from Leighton Denny – bold, jewel-toned and color-shifting, depending on the light and how you apply your manicure or pedicure.

Shades like these are a way to embrace a little bit of spring color without betraying your preference for darker tones, and because the color doesn’t stay constant, they feel a little festive. I prefer these kinds of polishes on my fingers instead of my toes because I like to watch the colors change in different lighting, but if you actually need to focus at some point during your day-to-day life, a color-shifting pedicure might be the smart way to go.

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