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Charlotte Olympia is known its conversational and literal accessory collections, and while we’ve given mixed reviews about many of these designs (let’s remember the Soda Bottle Heel Sandal), practicality is often an issue even if we love Charlotte Dellal’s creations. With Dellal’s new 9-to-5 Collection, coming soon, women who need more practical (but still stylish) shoes will get a bit of a break.

As Fashionista reports, Dellal’s theory for the 9-to-5 Collection is to provide a solution for “stylish women who need accessories that are a bit more understated for the office.” This new line will definitely give a new dynamic to the brand and broaden the consumer base as it lures in clients that may not be open to the whimsical pieces you see above.

This collection is will consist of day-appropriate handbags (a first for the brand), as well as basic versions of the brand’s already popular pumps. In case you worried that the collection would be without Dellal’s signature whimsy, the new collection’s shoeboxes will resemble briefcases. We are loving with the briefcase shoebox idea, along with the modest accessories, and we are really looking forward to seeing this new collection!

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    • Katherine Callaghan

      Me too! I’ll be keeping an eye out for when the collection is available!

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