Paris Fashion Week 2014

Paris Fashion Week marks the end of fashion month, and now that we’ve had time to digest all the collections, we’ve sorted out the Best Shoes of Paris Fashion Week. The brands that debut during Paris Fashion Week are some of the most influential and covetable brands in the world, and it only makes sense for these collections to live up to their own hype. For Fall 2014, this idea is exemplified by the innovate approach the brands took to finishing their creations. (You’ll know exactly what I mean when you see the screw heels).

In case you missed our coverage during Paris Fashion Week, be sure to check out some highly talked-about shows like, Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

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  • nappy

    the Miu Mius are definitely the most wearable and utterly covetable as well as the Givenchys..

    the McQueens though, i think are heading towards a Chanel direction (i dunno, but it just feels Chanel to me)

    The stellas and the Celines definitely are for the Man Repeller.. it takes a lotta guts to wear that.

    Isabel Marant wedged snow shoes huh. she definitely loves to sneak in a heel in every she designs.

    The Balenciagas are Cool.

    Valentino, romantic. definitely fits in with their dresses and theme

  • Kylie

    there’s a toe sticking out at the givenchy, looks really painfull, poor models ! Love the Saint Laurent booties 😉

  • Abbi

    Thought the Bal looked ugly-cant believe im saying this but the Saint Laurant (UUUUUGGGGHHHHH no yves…) are nice…credit where credit is due…
    Mcqueen, Stella and Celine-seems the 90s are coming back WOOOO!

    I actually LOOOOOVE the celine ones-they look pretty and my feet wont hate me anymore!

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