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Today is the rest of the TalkShoes team’s first day back from South by Southwest, and I will admit I was a pinch jealous that they were embraced by the warm Texas sun for the past five days while New York was hit with a whirlwind of crazy weather. In the spirit of the sun, I wanted to create an Outfit of the Week that would be perfect for warm weather, and I also remembered lusting over these Jil Sander Neon Patent Sandals sandals not long ago. At the time, though, I wasn’t sure how to style them.

That confusion stopped me from writing about these Sander sandals when I first saw them. This is definitely a playful sandal, and I wanted the rest of the outfit to fit with that feeling. Putting these sandals against the white Gareth Pugh jumpsuit makes the neon stand out, especially if you have a great tan.

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