Alexander McQueen was always my favorite designer, without question or hesitation. Because of my unending love for the man’s creative vision, I was a bit nervous about how things would look for Spring 2011, under the brand new leadership of McQueen’s longtime assistant, Sarah Burton.

It looks as though I needn’t have worried. The collection was spectacular, and the shoes in particular gave me hope for the future of the company and for McQueen’s particular kind of detailed, fantastical workmanship. From the carved platforms that the company has embraced in recent seasons to the much more wearable, but still intricately adorned leather booties, Burton didn’t miss a beat in furthering McQueen’s vision. Pay special attention to the grey feather platforms and the leaf-covered Skull Clutch, the only bag to be included in the show.

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  • perry

    So lovely and Burton did a great job. Poor Burton had so much pressure with this collection.

  • DAvid

    Beautiful collection i must say <3 She had so much pressure on her 🙂 But you did great <3 cant wait for next collection and cant wait to see these pieces in shops xx

  • Stylista

    Ugh, stunning! What art! I am really, really looking forward to the next collection.

  • samia


  • JenG

    A lot of these look like they were made for Lady Gaga!

  • Kelly

    This collection gives me chills. I just love it!

  • Mash


    Oh dear God, I want to see the mind that created this.. Mr. McQueen, ur baby is in good hands..

  • Mash

    Is it just me, or do those feathered platform/wedges (with the butterfly) actually look wearable?

  • annabelle

    OMG all of them are so beautiful!!!

  • Jenny

    Absolutely amazing.. Loves it!

  • abbi

    I cannot believe it! I usually find faults in shoes but these shoes! There are no words to describe how beautiful they are! So different yet simple lines and i want them all!

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