Alessandra Ambrosio Valentino Rockstud Pumps

One day, celebs will eventually grow tired of Valentino’s uber-successful Rockstuds, but that day is not today, and it’s probably not going to be any day in the near future, either. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio outside of the infamous Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont, wearing beige Valentino Rockstud Pumps with an everyday jeans n’ sweater combo (as seen on a Brazilian supermodel). She’s also carrying a beige Celine Trio Bag. You can get Alessandra’s exact pumps for $834 at FarFetch.

Alessandra is the special celeb pet of numerous designers, so it stands to reason that she’s amassed quite the designer handbag stash. This Trio isn’t the only Celine bag in her collection; in fact, Alessandra seems to own all of the brand’s most popular designs. You can take a gander for yourself over at PurseBlog’s “The Many Bags of Alessandra Ambrosio.” (Practically every designer you can think of is represented!)

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