Christian Dior Fall 2014 Shoes 17

We should have taken the recent debut of Dior’s bizarre couture pool shoes as a clear indication that even more nonsense was set to come in footwear form during Dior Fall 2014, but we couldn’t have predicted the molded-plastic weirdness that we got. I always appreciate designers willing to stretch the bounds of what luxury and good design can mean, but I am not here for these shoes in any way, shape or form.

The shoes, both low and high, all included a thick platform of molded plastic that resembled nothing so much as it did the outsole of early 90s sneakers, topped with the upper of a pointed-toe pump and punctuated with a severely angled heel that curved into the negative space under the shoe. As odd and aesthetically unpleasing as all that was, the part that bothered me perhaps more than anything else was that the toe of each pump was slightly blunted to house a contrasting red dot. For no apparent reason!

The aggressive ugliness of these shoes is particularly unfortunate when you consider how beautiful Dior Fall 2014 was overall; the clothing easily constituted Raf Simons’ best effort for the brand to date, and the handbags were almost equally stunning. So let’s just pretend these shoes never happened, shall we?

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  • Anjum Hameed

    ????…someone is not feeling well…..

  • Jeloi

    These are an experiment that went horribly wrong!

  • Ralli

    On the bright side they look like they could be extremely comfortable?

    At any rate, the designer must have had a particularly nasty nightmare influencing these shoes.

  • T.U. A.

    “hahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha”—- my only impression after seeing these.

  • nappy

    somebody on the Dior team apparently had magic mushrooms while designing these shoe/sneaker combo.. hahaha

  • Hierophilic

    Good GAWD those are the fugliest things I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. These belong on the original rotten dot com, they are that heinous. This is just an assault of the eyes!

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    the red point at the tip is like the little piece of plastic that extendens from the sole at the tip of every sneaker and if you look closer you can see it actually goes under the tip of the none sneaker part of the shoe, but yes they are very unpleasant to see, maybe in a few months we have change our minds about them

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