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For this week’s edition of One Shoe, Two Ways, I decided to feature a versatile bag in addition to a versatile shoe, because, well, why not? We can all make practical use of versatile accessories, and that’s how I came to choose the Tod’s Suede Sneakers (a slip-on style that’s growing in popularity) and this Burberry Woodbury Leather Tote.

When a particular type of shoe is trending for the first time in a long time, the main problem to solve is figuring out how to style it. For this shoe, these outfits exemplify how a sneaker can easily transform from apres-gym to a casual weekend. The sneakers work so well with both outfits that I would even consider wearing these during a casual night out with friends. The slip-on sneakers are a great change-up if you are tired of wearing flats, or even pumps. These two outfits are definitely on two different ends of the styling spectrum, however it’s the Tod’s sneaker and Burberry tote that complete and give definition to these looks. Out of the two, I’m sure which I like better, but if they both just so happen to magically appear in my closet, that would be ok with me.

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