Charlotte Olympia Satin Kitty Slippers and Sleep Mask Set

I’m not a member of what one might call the “jet set,” exactly, but I have aspirations. Also, as a regular coach-flyer, I have plenty of time to stand around in the front cabin of the plane, waiting in line for people to jam their oversized carry-ons into overhead bins in front of me before I can take my seat in Zone 19 or wherever. In that time, I’ve decided that if I had the in-flight space to do something so luxurious as take my shoes off, I’d want to slip into something exactly like the Charlotte Olympia Satin Kitty Sleep Set.

This set isn’t expressly purposed for long-haul air travel, but it might as well be. The kind of woman who’s going to spend $700 on a matched set of cat-embroidered slippers and a sleep mask is surely the kind who takes lengthy flights on the regular, and these accessories are as good a way as any to get some shut-eye on the way to Tokyo. My one quibble, though, is the exclusion of a neck pillow that looks like a sleeping kitty on your shoulders. I’m as much of a Charlotte Olympia skeptic as anyone these days, and even I think this is a pretty cute little set. Buy through Neiman Marcus (in several colors) for $695.


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