Gucci Ali Mermaid Sequin Ballet Flats

I am, admittedly, not a sequin girl. In the TalkShoes offices, as you might imagine, Katherine takes that title. What I am, though, is someone who appreciate ultra-modern finishing, particularly when applied to a traditional shoe or when coming from a traditional brand, and that’s why I’m really into the Gucci Ali Sequin Ballet Flats.

Ballet flats aren’t the non-heel shoe of choice in fashion at the moment (although, come to think of it, the simple ballerina is probably due for an ultra-chic revival any minute now) and have never been my personal favorite, so the combination of the shape and sequins should put me off in this situation. These sequins, though, are cool enough that I can’t stop looking at them. As the name would imply, the effect is indeed one of green-yellow shifting fish scales, but they look as though they’re almost lit from within. I’ll gladly take a pair, even if I don’t have anything to wear them with. (A shell bra, perhaps?) Buy through Neiman Marcus for $795.


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