Bobbi Brown Glitter Nail Polish.jpg

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is less then a week away. I know, I have no idea where November went either. To kickstart our weekend leading up to turkey oblivion, (followed by the biggest shopping day of the year), it seems like a good idea to have some quality down time before all the festivities next week. We all know I’m always up for a good mani and pedi, so this week I would like to get my nails and toes in the holiday spirit with this Bobbi Brown Chrome Glitter Nail Polish.

Prepping your outfit for Thanksgiving can be tedious. It takes some serious planning to coordinate my Thanksgiving attire, and picking out my shoes is usually the last part. With this Bobbi Brown shade, coordinating won’t be much of a problem – subdued, shimmery gold is a fall staple color. Normally, I tend to wear something in the brown family because Thanksgiving symbolizes the closing of the fall season; the rest of the winter months, I wear a lot of black. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I have to wear one of my most festive outfits (and pumps of course), and I know this glittery shade won’t steer me wrong as a finishing touch. You can even look to this shade again throughout the holiday season because gold glitter is the epitome of the holiday spirit. Maybe I’ll get crafty with some nail art and draw something festive (or attempt to, at least).

My nails (and hopefully yours too) are in for a treat with this glittery shade which you can buy through Saks for $18.


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