Balenciaga Pads Riding Sandals

High-low sandal trends are pretty much inescapable at this point. We talked again about Adidas shower slides earlier this morning, and our Birkenstock coverage is, of course, ongoing. The biggest shoe takeaway from the Spring 2014 shows was that flats are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and the fashion industry’s insistence on taking shoe inspiration from the things we wore to summer camp when we were 12 pressed on in the only way it could: fancy Teva-looking sandals. The first to arrive for pre-order that we’ve seen are the Balenciaga Pads Riding Sandals.

These shoes are notable for one very particular reason (beyond being the sort of shoes-as-birth-control that I absolutely love): thanks to Alexander Wang, Balenciaga is one of the buzziest, trend-settingest brands out there. If it’s endorsing a trend wholeheartedly, then the trend is probably going to happen in the real world instead of just on the runway. (Side note: it’s always fascinating when trends don’t take. Remember when fashion tried to make velvet happen a couple of seasons ago and then it just…didn’t? Everyone was like, nope, let’s pretend this idea never happened.) If you’re averse to sandals that look more than slightly orthopedic, well, you’ll probably have less competition for your beloved heels come spring.

So, now comes the question: now that we’ve been looking at sporty sandals as fashion items for a couple of seasons now, do you feel less resistant to the idea? Will you be participating? And if so, will you be doing it at a luxury price point or sticking with the shoes’ low-cost inspiration?

Pick up a pair of these sandals for $605 via Barneys.

  • Sandra

    Seriously, even Balenciaga cannot make a Teva sandal appealing…

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