Christian Louboutin Bespoke Spiked Boots

It’s a rare opportunity in fashion to own something truly one-of-a-kind, especially from a world-famous brand like Christian Louboutin. When you’re dealing with a company that big, even limited edition pieces are generally made by the dozens, if not hundreds, and there’s always a celebrity, or at least someone who’s fashion-famous, with the same special thing that you have. That’s why the Christian Louboutin Bespoke Spiked Boots are such a unique opportunity – they’ll be the only pair of their kind in the world. Oh, and one other detail – Sotheby’s thinks they’ll sell for $30,000.

These spike-covered, Louboutin-red-all-over boots are part of the (RED) Auction 2013, hosted by Sotheby’s, which includes a range of special fashion and design pieces curated by Apple’s design head Johnny Ive and legendary designer Marc Newson. The auction benefits the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and based on some of the estimated gavel prices for the 44 pieces that Ive and Newson picked, Sotheby’s will be sending a heavy contribution in the charity’s direction. The auction also includes a Leica camera estimated to sell for as much as three quarters of a million dollars and a Range Rover that could go for as much as $125,000.

These boots represent the only time I can remember that Louboutin’s famed Spikes have been applied all over to a shoe with this much surface area, and the red-red-red color scheme certainly takes Louboutin’s sexy, edgy aesthetic to its logical extreme. The pitch and heel of the shoe appear to be similar (if not identical) to that of the So Kate Pumps, so these boots are for those who like both extreme prices and extreme heels. Also: be careful crossing your legs, lest you stab yourself.

The boots, which go under the gavel on the evening of November 23 in New York City, will be made-to-measure for their eventual owner. For more information about the Louboutins and the rest of the auction (it includes an Hermes saddle!), head over to Sotheby’s.


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