Christian Louboutin So Kate Gold Pumps

Although our readers are split over whether or not the Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps beat out the ever-popular Pigalles as the ultimate Louboutin stiletto, it seems as though the shoe market in general isn’t having any second thoughts. Not only did the gold patent So Kates above sell out at Net-a-Porter in less than 48 hours, but it’s virtually impossible to find the So Kates online at all.

A quick Google search yielded some leads, but virtually all of them lead to product pages that were now stamped “SOLD OUT” in one way or another. Barneys has the classic black leather So Kates available in one size (10), and Neiman Marcus has a python pair, which retails for over twice what the leather or suede So Kates will set you back, in only a 7 or 9.5. Saks is completely sold out of current-season So Kates, but if you want to pre-order a python pair with a painted finish, you can call dibs on them now. Even then, several sizes of the pre-order are sold out, and that’s for a shoe that costs $1,395. The suede version we showed you recently? Long gone as well.

If you want a pair of So Kates, I hope you have an open mind about color, an open budget (the more expensive versions tend to stick around a bit longer) and, ideally, a size-changing foot. Either that, or a close relationship with your favorite Christian Louboutin sales associate, who can perhaps put aside a few options in the next shipment. If you’re picky, it pays to make friends.

  • Khaya

    I love the So Kate’s! I’m glad I got my rouge noir pair a couple months ago, although I saw all the new spring colors and the black suede and wanted them as well. It’s definitely a more popular shoe than the Pigalle’s and as soon as I first laid eyes on them, I knew they would create a phenomenon like this. Go CL!!!

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