Jeffrey Campbell Icy Glittery Platform Booties

It’s fairly well-documented that Jeffrey Campbell makes some ridiculous shoes. The elusive designer’s line is so vast that it encompasses everything from neutral, totally functional boots and flats to platforms that are probably tall enough to qualify as stilts and that come in every manner and mode of embellishment that you can possible think of. The Jeffrey Campbell Icy Glitter Platform Booties definitely fit at the latter of the two extremes, and they’re so extreme that I’m a tad surprised that they’re available at a mass-market retailer like Bloomingdale’s.

Not long ago, we looked at a pair of Campbell’s shoes that are decidedly less vertiginous and insane, and I wanted to remind you of them now as a bit of palate-cleanser after assaulting you with that image of these booties. I can’t even imagine who would strap themselves into these shoes, other than a super striver-y street style blogger who’s desperate to have her picture taken outside Fashion Week. These are the shoes to choose if you want attention and don’t care if it’s positive or negative. My parents’ dog steals underwear for the same reason. Nevertheless, you can pick up a pair for $265 via Bloomingdale’s.


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