Casual Layers

Let’s face it, we all wish money was no object and that we could afford to go into our favorite stores, pick out everything we ever wanted and never have to worry about how much we just charged on our credit cards. Sounds like a pretty great life, right? I figured if that’s not possible right now, the second best thing is to dream up the outfit I would be wearing if I could.

This week, I’m dreaming of piling on the layers. Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year, not only because the leaves are changing and the weather has the perfect amount of chill in it, but also because fall clothes are, for the most part, really, really, cute. (Come winter, we’re all wrapped up in our warmest down jackets, looking vaguely like walking sleeping bags.) The only issue is, living in New York, I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting to wear anything other than black once the cold weather sets in. In trying to remind myself that other neutrals exist, I chose a softer color palette than what I’m usually used to wearing this time of year. This outfit is perfect for daytime (or in my case, wearing to work), with the mix of solid colors and pops of print.

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  • mysharona

    Hi! What are those black booties?

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