Natalie Portman wears black Dior slingbacks to GMA (5)

Natalie Portman donned a lovely pair of black satin Dior Slingback Pumps for a trip to the Good Morning America studios in NYC yesterday morning, but they sadly failed to perform as she exited the premises. She played it off like a champ, nonetheless. Natalie wore the same slingbacks to a taping of Letterman the previous night, where they behaved a bit better than they did in these photos. If you want a pair of Natalie’s slingbacks, you’ll have to hoof it to the nearest major metropolitan area, because Dior is only sold in-store.

Natalie is making the press rounds to promote “Thor: The Dark World”, where she reprises her role as Thor’s love interest. We haven’t seen a terrible amount of Natalie since she won an Oscar, got married, had a baby and moved to Paris part-time, but when you’re an Oscar winner with a high-paying gig in a Marvel action hero movie, you can afford to take an extended break from public life every now and again.

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  • Olivia

    Sorry, to point this out, they’re Charlotte Olympia Monroe slingbacks, you can just about see the web gold logo on her left foot.

  • Larisa

    They would perform better if they were the right size for her…

  • QuelleFromage

    really? a post because her slingbacks might be a bit loose? Clearly newsworthy.

    • jennas-sidecom

      what news were you looking for on

  • Guest

    Sad that we live in a world where people are paid to call attention to this kind of stupidity.


      it’s sad people don’t want a community to share what’s interesting to one another! let’s keep this a safe space, uninterested parties can always google something else…

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