Christian Louboutin Mehari Heels-2

As some of you may have heard, the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale began yesterday. While it may not be open to the public, and invitations are few and far between, there is still plenty of madness that goes on amongst the fashion insiders, bloggers and celebrities. Here’s an insider’s look into what it’s really like to shop the Louboutin sample sale.

1. Finding out online there is going to be a Christian Louboutin sample sale


2. Praying to the shoe gods you get an invitation


3. Anxiously refreshing your inbox and checking your spam folder to make sure you haven’t missed it


4. It finally arrives


5. Your friends begin to send you their requests and sizes


6. Your forced to put your social life on hold for the next week to save up extra cash


7. On the day of, you wake up early and arrive to see a sign that reads NO SAMPLE SALE


8. Regardless, you head up stairs and are greeted by a door girl. You squirm as she flips through her list of names for yours


9. You’re in! Scan the room and wonder where you should start. Exotics? Rare styles? You run straight for your size and begin to frantically open boxes


10. A celebrity or socialite has just walked in. Remind yourself to stay calm and keep shopping


11. By now you have a six foot stack of shoes you may potentially buy, so you anxiously scan the room trying to find a mirror to try them on


12. Instantly, you fall in love


13. You spot a pair you want on someone else, wait around until she decides she doesn’t want them, and hurdle over to snag them


14. Talk yourself into buying several pairs, because deals like this don’t happen everyday


15. The cashier breaks the news there is a 6 pair limit


16. Weigh out the options and kiss some goodbye


17. Pay for them without thinking twice


18. Get home and strut around your apartment in your new shoes


19. Wear them out for the first time and receive tons of compliments.


images via tumblr

  • Would you share your newest darlings with us ? 🙂

  • Tiffany H

    The Beyonce gif had me in tears! Seriously hilarious!!

  • Abbi

    I love these GIF posts!

  • shueaddict

    Bea, aren’t you a little too young for Clueless? Love it … and love the Beyonce strut !

  • YellowHammer

    Cute! My faves are #10 (New York) and #11 (Raven Symone). Too funny!

    • YellowHammer

      now for real, when and where is the sample sale!?!?! No… seriously!?

  • ymmayer

    OMG please shoe gods let me meet a friend who can help me get invited. I’ve had such success with sample sale shoes this season and I was feeling good about it until now. So jealz!

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