Pierre Hardy Buckled Leather Ankle Boots

Normally, I’m of the opinion that the more rugged a motorcycle boot, the better. My personal favorite pair includes wrapped buckle straps so loose and chunky that I sometimes sound like a cowgirl parading her spurs down the hall toward the office, and once I arrive, I look vaguely like a pirate. The slick, elegant Pierre Hardy Buckled Ankle Boots are the opposite of those shoes, but I’m totally in love.

With this shoe, the eminently talented Hardy fulfills a lot of rugged moto-boot tropes (straps, big buckles, low heel) in a decidedly non-rugged way. That’s not to say that the product of his efforts is precious, though; it doesn’t swing too girlish or too undone. Instead, Hardy hits the sweet spot with a thoroughly modern update to the traditional moto that’s just a shade off the expected in a lot of ways. Not least of which, of course, is the color – instead of the expected black leather, Hardy makes you look twice with dark grey.

Pick up a pair of these boots for $1,295 via Net-a-Porter.

  • Amazing. They’re beautiful and so versatile!

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