Fendi Tri-Tone Metallic Leather Pumps.jpg

If you’ve ever been conflicted between wearing a black pump or a silver pump and wish you can somehow morph the two, these Fendi Tri-Tone Metallic Leather Pumps are a solution to your problems. (Your shoe problems, anyway.) Fendi has received a lot of press time here at TalkShoes lately, and all for good reason.

Only time will tell if the tri-color approach is the new alternative to the overworked colorblocking trend, because as we’ve seen with the distinctive heel, Fendi has a good grasp on revamping the hackneyed. These tri-color pumps feature a split black and silver pattern accented with white on each shoe, making the pump look different based on the angle. Between the tri-colored design and the structured heel, these are definitely a futuristic and modern pump, grounded by the feminine T-strap configuration. Buy your Tri-Tone Metallic Leather Pumps through Net-A-Porter for $990.


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