Nike Air Max Liquid Silver Sneakers

Usually, I try to restrain myself from publicly declaring my overriding distaste for something. Not because I don’t have the courage of my convictions, but because I know that as soon as I do, a version of that thing will come along that I absolutely adore and I’ll have to eat crow. (Sneaker wedges are the exception that proves that rule.) That’s exactly what happened last week when the Nike Air Max Liquid Silver Sneakers popped up in all their limited-edition glory on Net-a-Porter.

In case you missed my ranting, a couple of months ago, I publicly wondered what it was that everyone saw in the Air Max, a low-top sneaker that has risen up to replace the Dunks as fashion’s preferred street wear sneaker. Looking back, I still agree with what I wrote there – the proportion of these shoes really bothers me in almost all of the design’s colorways, but in mirrored silver, something about them clicked into place for me. Something I hadn’t seen before was suddenly there.

I have a real weakness for silver shoes of all kinds, so if anything was going to do it for me, it would be this pair. I’ve had a couple hundred bucks in store credit at Net-a-Porter for months now and have been waiting for a fun thing to use it on, so I scooped up a pair before they sold out (in less than 24 hours in both silver and gold) and couldn’t be more pleased to have them. Sometimes, it just takes the right details to make you believe in a style that you had written off. I can barely believe I’ve come around, but I have.

These shoes are sold out for the moment, but Net-a-Porter indicates that some larger sizes are arriving soon. If you’re so inclined, check them out over there for $140.


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