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Fall and winter are our arch nemeses when it comes to foot care, and now that fall is in full gear, I have been in a research frenzy, reading up on ways to keep my skin hydrated and glowing in the frigid weather. With all this reading, I came across the Clarisonic Aria Face Kit, and it stayed on my mind so long that it made it to my Want It Wednesday wish list over at PurseBlog last week. Even the best of winter boots can’t protect our feet from becoming like sandpaper, so this week my research branched out to the Clarisonic SonicPediPRO Foot Transformation System.

The brush’s wet/dry buffing brush head, used in conjunction with the Pedi-Buff and Pedi-Balm, exfoliate and soften your feet – it’s even gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. Twice a week, though, Clarisonic advises you to use the brush head with the Pedi-Boost serum for a more intense exfoliating treatment. This seems like a lot of work, I know, but you can always tweak this exfoliating system to your preferences; with a system this intense, even once or twice a week will likely make a difference in the dry winter. I know myself too well to think that I would do all of this on a daily basis; two to three, maybe even four, times a week seems more like it. As the saying goes, beauty is pain, but in this case I guess it would be more appropriate to say beauty is time-consuming.

Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $199.


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